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Testing the New Matrix 7mm
190 grain VLD projectile.
This information is supplied courtesy of Geoff Grenfell and Bill Siegloff, who conducted the testing and is supplied exactly as reported. Hot off the press.

I will try and get some photo's of the projectiles and post them here soon.


Hi Guys,
We done some range testing this week Bill and I with the 190 Gr Matrix bullets I received from Benchmark.
We used Bill's F-Class rifle 30 inch 7mm 9 twist barrel, chambered 7mm RSAUM loaded 66.5 Gr AR2225 (Retumbo) powder cci mag primer.
On Saturday at 600 Yards and 1000 yards we fired 10 shots at each range recording the exact elevation settings. The groups were very tight.
To day we went back a fired through my new Oehler P35 chronograph two strings of ten shots at 300 yards.
10 shots groups measured 1.250" & 1" at 300 yds. Measured over the 20 shots the elevations were well under half an inch. Wind was varying from 12 MPH to zero, no wind adjustments were being made between shots.
Average velocity was 2970 FPS with a mean spread of 5 FPS.
Bill ran the data collected through the Ballistic soft ware and we came up with the following two BC's
@ 600 yards BC = .78
@ 1000 yards BC = .77
Matrix claim .807 but hard to belive when visibility check over the projectile witnessing a rather open tip on the meplate point. Boat tail looks the goods.
Summing up .77 BC @1000 yards is bloody awesome from this 190 Gr bullet nothing even gets close. One would have to to go to a 338 Cal bullet on a large cartridge to equal or surpass it.
I am going to get more 190 grain Matrix bullets for Bill to shoot the next state Long range F-Class titles. Shot over 1000 yards, 1100 yards, &1200 yards.
As a hunting bullet fired from a 7mm Dakota cartridge this would be the round unlike other big long VLD projectiles  the lead has been kept back out from the point end of the projectile this enabling it to stabilize in 9 twist barrels others we have tested have lead up to the tips which have not stabilized in 9 twist barrels. 
Within the next few weeks hoping to get some good film footage and photo's of some Aussie game brought down by the 190 Gr Matrix. With the open tip containing no lead this bullet will open up like like a sun flower on large game.
Keep you up to date.
Regards Geoff.

Bryan Litz has done some ballistic testing of these new projectiles and this information can accessed on the Applied Ballistics web site.... Applied Ballistics LLC


Editors Note.

The following is the manufacturers data on this bullet.

Caliber Inches: .284
Weight, grains: 190.0
Core Density, lb/ci-in: 0.4097
Core Weight, grains: 141.0
Jacket Density, lb/ci-in: 0.32
Jacket weight, lb/ci-in: 49.0
Ogive Radius, calibers: 13.0
Meplat Diameter, inches: 0.071
BC (static): 0.8071


Copyright  Norman Nelson    2011